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  1. WizardTux

    March 2023 Update

    Hello all long time no talk, sorry for the random thoughts below I just wanted to get something out quick. Its with a sad heart that I have to write this, but at this time I don't have the funds to keep this going, I may bring back the servers on a smaller scale but at this time I don't see the...
  2. WizardTux

    Server Information - Coming Soon

    Server information will be coming soon!
  3. WizardTux

    Towny Shop Prices

    So here are all the current prices, just because its in this list doesn't mean its actually on the server. Also this is just the default list, I'm working on reviewing the prices. Armor Item Quantity Buy Price Sell Price LEATHER_HELMET 1 40 8 GOLDEN_HELMET 1 160 32 IRON_HELMET 1 480 96...
  4. WizardTux

    Different Perspective

    Just thought this perspective was kind of cool.
  5. WizardTux

    Tranquility Builds

    Tranquility is also looking for some supplies, you can sell it back at the General Store.
  6. WizardTux

    Tranquility Builds

    @ArmySweetPea's amazing work on the Inn And she also did the Blacksmith shop
  7. WizardTux

    Tranquility Builds

    @TotM's house @TotM's pub
  8. WizardTux

    What I want for Tranquil

    My goal with Tranquil, is just to have a community of gamers playing games. I care more about running the platform more than streaming or anything like that. I don't want to require any sort of requirements for joining our Discord (though you can if you want, it would be cool to be partnered...
  9. WizardTux

    Server Specs / Other Information

    I've been asked before, and I know some people were wanting to know information about the servers so I figured I'd post it somewhere and keep it updated as we grow. I'm not going to sticky this or anything, but I will put it on our FAQ page for when someone asks. The prices are estimated...
  10. WizardTux

    How's everyone doing

    Hey, I'm sitting at work being board... How is everyone doing?
  11. WizardTux

    Some Weekend Updates

    Hello everyone, sorry for the announcement but I want to let you know what I've been up to lately. I've tried to do several quality of life updates while keeping disruptions minimal. Friday we launched the Towny Minecraft server, I along with ArmySweetPea have been working on the spawn town /...
  12. WizardTux

    Something I've been thinking about and want everyone's input on

    Or I can spin up a separate server specifically for this...
  13. WizardTux

    Something I've been thinking about and want everyone's input on

    Why not? I plan on running them side by side for a bit of time until everyone can get switched over.
  14. WizardTux

    Something I've been thinking about and want everyone's input on

    So I've been thinking about removing factions and adding something like Towny for the SMP server. Factions is cool and all but I feel like it won't give us the ability to grow in the future. If you want more info on Towny I personally like the idea as it seems...
  15. WizardTux

    Server maintenance this weekend

    I'm going to attempt more testing this week and attempt the cutover late this week or over the weekend. The cutover is fairly instant once I get the backend working correctly.
  16. WizardTux

    Server maintenance this weekend

    I attempted to make the switch earlier today and ran into some issues so had to revert back, hopefully I'll make some progress tomorrow with the new setup. Again you won't notice anything when the change is completed as this is a backend change.
  17. WizardTux

    Server maintenance this weekend

    All, First off I hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday / Friday, but I want to make sure everyone is aware of what will be happening this weekend. We will be preforming some server maintenance this weekend to further help with decentralizing our network so that we're not reliant on a...
  18. WizardTux


    Closing as this has been setup.
  19. WizardTux

    July 2022 - Forge Poll

    I'll leave this up for a week, if you want me to add any other multiplayer ones let me know (but these look the most interesting to me).
  20. WizardTux

    Should we do this?

    I can do that, I'll get a poll together later today and we can run it for a week or so to decide.