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  • We're still working on things, but feel free to converse here or join us on discord.
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Jun 1, 2022
Shawnee, KS
I just wanted to post a quick update on what's been happening around Tranquil. I enjoy doing this and will keep doing it as long as people keep using the servers. I'm starting the search for community leaders (what I'm calling "Board Members" for the time being) this will ensure that everything that we decide is a community decision and not just a single person, I think this also allows for a better community structure and doesn't put everything on a single person. I will post more on this in the future but I just want it to be out there. I'm also floating the idea of an ambassador program though that is a completely new thought (as of about 2 mins ago).

I've completed some massively overdue cleanup on channels and roles, I've also added a bot to do some general things. You can also assign yourself roles in the General > Rules channel to gain access to more channels (for specific games).

I've update the website, in both looks and functionality. I think it looks nice but I've never had an eye for design.

I don't really have much to say about the Atlas server, its still there... I do see 0-5 people on it at any given time... I'd like to create our own Mods there, but my computer can't seem to run the DevKit... (You would think a 1080TI, 32GB of RAM and a decent processor could run it)...

Minecraft - Network
I'm still working on getting the public Minecraft server up to 1.19 (though waiting on 3rd party plugins is slow) I hope that they are all updated soon. I'm working in the backend to write our own custom plugins so that we don't have to rely on 3rd parties in the future (though this will take some time). I'm also still researching getting console players on here.

Minecraft - Forge / ATM7
I kind of want to start rotating out the Forge server maybe monthly for different mod packs, to keep it interesting, but not sure how everyone feels about that and its completely up to the community (more on that can be found here).

I think bringing back the Rust server is something that we're going to do, it will likely require registration here to gain access and I may spin up 2, one for more creative PVE style and then another for PVP, not sure yet.
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