Some Weekend Updates

  • We're still working on things, but feel free to converse here or join us on discord.
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Jun 1, 2022
Shawnee, KS
Hello everyone, sorry for the announcement but I want to let you know what I've been up to lately.

I've tried to do several quality of life updates while keeping disruptions minimal.

Friday we launched the Towny Minecraft server, I along with ArmySweetPea have been working on the spawn town / the town of Tranquility, anyone can play on it now (I'd stay away from the spawn town as it will be expanding.

I've also migrated all of the Minecraft servers (except for Forge) over to a different backend software (so that plugins and stuff are easier to update in the future).

I've also updated the whitelist plugins across all all servers to help reduce the errors / admin overhead (still need to work on the admin side of this plugin).

As I was thinking about this, it seemed more substantial that what I typed out.. guess not, but I typed it so I'm clicking post...