Updates to the Public Minecraft Server

  • We're still working on things, but feel free to converse here or join us on discord.
  • Please read here for information on the status of the servers.


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Jun 1, 2022
Shawnee, KS
I've made some updates to the public Minecraft server, and while anyone can still join we do require that anyone joining has an account here. The instructions on how to set that up can be found here, and if you end up needing any help / support for this please let us know here.

This will do a couple of different things for us, allow us to have centralized account management for when we do launch our whitelisted server but also help us drive engagement here for when people have questions or are looking for others to play with, we are looking to make this a family style community where we all are friends.

I have several other plugin ideas and I want to start working on customizing the existing plugins we have installed, so there will likely be more information coming on that in the fairly near future (maybe within a month or so).

I also plan on starting to stream again at some point so I hope that we will get an influx in traffic when I do that.